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Health & Travel Certificates

If you’re planning a trip or move with your pet, you may need to acquire a health & travel certificate before your pet will be allowed entry into a new country or state. Here’s everything you need to know.

Traveling With Your Pet

Traveling with your pet? If you’re bringing your pet with you to a new state or country, you’ll want to ensure that you have proper documentation. Many governments require that pets brought from abroad have documentation showing that they’re properly vaccinated, free from disease or major illness, and physically able to safely travel.

You’ll need to acquire a health certificate from a licensed veterinary professional, something that our team at Harvester Veterinary Hospital will be happy to provide. Make sure that you bring your pet to us in advance of your trip so that there will be time to conduct an examination and get them up-to-date on any missing vaccinations that will be required before your trip. Once your pet is cleared for travel, we’ll provide and sign a certificate which you can then present to the relevant authority.

If you’re not sure exactly what your pet needs before traveling, contact either the airline or the consulate of the country where you’ll be traveling to well in advance of your scheduled travel to determine what you’ll need so that we’ll be able to help you in time.

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